There are many reasons to use BCCOA for transportation!

Buses are safer than cars

Taking the bus increases your chances of arriving at your destination safely. Studies report that riding the bus is safer than driving or riding in a car. Due to the size of a transit bus, it is one of the safest vehicles on the road.

Using public transportation reduces stress

Sit back and relax! Read a book, listen to music, or talk to other passengers and leave the driving to someone else! You’ll have less stress, which will decrease your risk for future health problems.


"Our church utilizes the bus system so we can take field trips and explore the community, if the public transit system wasn't available we would have to stay at Saint Luke"

P. Field 

Dir. of St. Luke's After School & Summer Program


"Transportation is important to me for school because I recently received my "AA" in culinary arts, if it wasn't for the public transit system getting me back and forth I wouldn't have my degree"

K. McKinney 



"I got to daycare every day and they didn’t have transportation to so they got with the public transit agency and they pick me up every day it was good for me because I needed so that I could get out more” 

D. Lee